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    Built on Experience : Grown with Dedication
    Solutions that work and are maintainable because they are
    designed and implemented with more than just paper requirements
    in mind. We move with your total business in mind.
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    ERP, SCM, and TMS | Infuse Your Implementation and Beyond
    Applications to Improve the Effectiveness
    of Enterprise Software Platforms

Enterprise-Grade Development

Exclusive custom software development that provides an end result that works and is maintainable because it is designed and implemented with more than just paper requirements in mind. No business is an island, so the concept of enterprise-quality versus line-of-business-quality means we take into account more than just single-serve software.


Working in the realm of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and specific versions of Transportation Management Software (TMS) such as Oracle® Transportation Management (OTM) has led to the creation of a set of applications tailored towards minimizing the cost of repetitive but required, low return-on-investment tasks. Reduce TCO and cut implementation cost by reducing overall or re-allocating, consultant hours to value-add tasks.

Simple Software

Software for real people and real business. We do not just deliver pretty presentations and hundreds of pages of idealistic documentation like some firms. We deliver functional results.

Strategic MasterMind Group

Critical analysis services performed in perfect confidence, tailored to the client's immediate strategic need.

Experience In

Transportation, Logistics, Automotive, State Government, Retail, Housing, Real Estate, Agricultural, Non Profit, Pharmaceutical and Higher Education industries; Microsoft® SQL Server, Windows Server, SharePoint, Team Foundation Server (TFS) Oracle® Database Server, Oracle Transportation Management (OTM), Red Hat and Oracle flavors of Linux, hosting on IIS and Azure, Apache, Tomcat and JBOSS technology platforms and tools


Down to earth, realistic perspectives and conversation.
If someone does not know the answer, you will be told; and will be brought the answer after finding someone who does. This company does not sell anything. If there is a fit for what this company can do and what you need then that is great. Otherwise, there will not be any hard feelings. No one wants to be somewhere they aren't wanted or don't fit. And no one likes to be pressured. There are times this company turns down business because the fit is not right.

Leading Innovation

To enable business in the most effective and efficient way for users, we strive to create cutting edge but stable solutions to power business. Research and development efforts active in areas of Internet of Things (IoT), Full-scope logistics order visibility, Microsoft® HoloLens, Microsoft Kinect interactive technology, brick-and-mortar to Cloud migrations, home automation, health monitoring devices, and alternative uses for home technologies such as gaming consoles.

29+ years of combined experience in software architecture, design, and development in web, form, mobile, multi-tier and client/server environments.

Down to earth, realistic perspectives and conversation.

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  • Delaware, USA